Ortomnia - Broken Trinity

financially supported by FFF Bayern and the budgetary funds of the Free State of Bavaria.

Ortomnia - Broken Trinity is a  narrative 2D Metroidvania in a hand-drawn cartoony style that takes place across various worlds.

As the Keeper of the Worlds, you must navigate challenging platforming passages, intense battles, and tricky puzzles to unlock the nonlinear stories of a diverse cast of charaters.

Gain access to their unique abilities, explore foreign worlds with a constantly expanding set of movement and combat options, meet various races, and uncover the mystery behind the creation of the galaxy.

And how exactly are the Divine Beings involved in all of this?


The Worlds are suffering, though. Devoured by Corruption. Find out how all of this happened and discover a large variety of distinct Worlds.


Hit upon many unique Characters and get to know them! Let them join and assist you on your Journey to find out what happened - and how to stop it!


Search for Items and upgrade your Weapons in order to be properly prepared for your epic Quest!


Where do the Witches come from? What's the Role of the Keeper of Worlds?
And how exactly are the divine beeings involved?!